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Yesung is a Princess <3 <3 <3

1. The meaning behind my URL:
On Tumblr, it's just my OC's name, along with this nickname. My OC's name is Omi Matsunaga, his nickname is CAT Boy. It all comes down to omicatboy.
Here on LJ it's just a name I was using for an RP character. I was playing The Silver Samurai, from the X-Men verse. His name is Kenuichio Harada. So I combined the silver with a shortened version of his name Keni, which came down to xxsilverkeni.... *shrugs*

2. A picture of me
I do not let people see me. If you're clever enough, you'll find photos of me online. That's if you're clever enough, or stalky enough. If you don't, then that's your loss.

3 and 4 were ATED by Godzilla!!!

5. Piercings I have
I had my ears pierced since I was 6 months old, but I really haven't worn earrings in years. The most I'd ever wear would be ear cuffs, but no earrings. I personally don't like them, because when they're not made out of either gold or silver, they hurt my ears. So no... No earrings.

6. Favorite Band
My favorite band, has always been, and always will be L'Arc~en~Ciel. Even, though their last few hits were more misses than hits, but well... Whatever. They've got a hell of a history. They're amazing.

7. Biggest turn off(s)
There's certain things that completely turn me off. First off, if a person is a complete dickwad with me for no reason, or if I'm dismissed without ever being given a chance. And or when someone wants to control me. That just gets me extremely pissed. Don't do those things, and you'll be fine. I'm weird, I like a weird sense of humor, plus I don't normally get mad at the shit the normal people get mad at. My wavelengths are way out there. Might even come off as dense, aloof, or even rude to some. It's not that, it's just my head doesn't work when it tries to fit into the 'normal' mold. It just doesn't.

8. Top 5 (TV Shows)
The Boondocks, City Hunter [kdrama], The AWL [kdrama], Comedy Bang Bang, Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

9. Tattoos I want
Maybe one day when I find the perfect word to describe me. I've been looking at 'irreverent' and 'evil'... One of those two would do. I'd like it in Hiragana.

10. Biggest turn on(s)
His name is Yesung. Look him up.

11. Age
I'm 3 years younger than Masi Oka, same age as Milo Ventimiglia, and a year older than Jensen Ackles. *grins*

12. Ideas of a perfect date
I don't know, honestly. I guess just connecting with the person, mentally, and if he or she is lucky physically as well.

13. Life goal(s)
What? .... What is that? There are no goals, just what you make of life. You can say you want one thing one day, and then another the other. Fuck what society wants from you, fuck it all. I'm gonna see to it that all these norms get destroyed. They were wrong to begin with.

14. Piercings I want
None, really. I don't really care.

15. Relationship status
I am single, and happy that way. Though, sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I had someone to hug and spoil a little.

16. Favorite movie
The Devil's Backbone (Guillermo Del Toro is my favorite director of all time.)

17. A fact about my life
Sometimes, when I relate things that have happened to me to some people, they seem to think that I'm lying. I've been through so much in my life. I can take certain points in it, that are just out of this world funny and amazing. Others are just boring as fuck, like a normal person's.

18. Phobia
I'm terrified of zombies, big dogs, army people, heights, and I am a little claustrophobic.

19. Middle name

20. Anything you want to ask
I have three very important questions. Question 1. YES?
2. No?
3. Maybe?

.... The END.
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