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  • Thu, 22:02: Sometimes I just feel like destroying and hitting things... I emphasize THINGS, things. Not people, ok? Geez.
  • Thu, 22:04: Fuck.... Yesung's Solo Album is coming up, and... Well, I don't have money, because of an incident that occurred. https://t.co/2zHcGLmtLj
  • Thu, 22:07: ... WELL FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. that's kind of true, but at the same time, nah. https://t.co/F2mSTb383o
  • Thu, 22:09: I don't believe in luck. I don't believe in chance. As a matter of fact, I don't believe in ANYTHING. Nothing, zero, zilch, NADA.
  • Thu, 22:09: You're also a nobody, the only difference is that you think you are somebody. so.... FUCK YOU. Only your people know you.
  • Thu, 22:12: This guy always say the truth though. lol https://t.co/bfvzpmWbjJ
  • Thu, 22:16: .... I suppose SPAMMING gets you noticed. But isn't that illegal, somewhere? Some how? Some Way? ... hahah. Some asshole somewhere.
  • Thu, 22:19: @shfly3424 So what are you guys performing to here? Sexy Free and Single? Orrr.... nah? https://t.co/mBmYCTOE3h
  • Thu, 22:20: I don't really like all of #SuperJunior , but I don't give a fuck either. I just love #KRY, and #Yesung . So I wish him the best of luck.
  • Thu, 22:23: .... Twitter's still boring, though. -BYE- https://t.co/0iO3O5A3Rb
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